Was working perfect.....then. Changes were made to Aleternative Access Mappings!

May 29, 2009 at 12:01 AM

First off this is an EXCELLENT web part.  However we've made some changes to our farm lately.  This web part has been working perfectly fine since December, then about a week ago, we had to change our alternative access mappings.  Since we named the server on our naming standards it didn't make sense for people to type in the long url, so we made an AAM.  Well we found that when people would email out it would send the real server name instead of the AAM.  So we changed the default to be the intranet, and vice versa now the tool doesn't work.  Have uninstalled from stsadm commands, iisreset, reinstalled from stsadm and it still doesn't work.  We can give a user full acess check and it only reports they have "read"  They are all AD accounts.  Very strange behaviour but the tool is 100% useless as it stands right now.  Wasn't the tools fault it was ours, but for some reason we can not get it to work at all.  Any ideas?  We've re-called our AD profiles in, reset search indexes.  I just don't know what to try.